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dir Hasanain, B., Boyd, A.D., & Bolton, M. L. (2014). An Approach to Model Checking the Perceptual Interactions of Medical Alarms. Submitted to the 2014 HFES Annual Meeting. Chicago: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Under Review.
dir Hasanain, B., Boyd, A. D., & Bolton, M. L. (ND). Using model checking to detect simultaneous masking in medical alarms. In Preparation. Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems. Under review.
dir Bolton, M. L.C, Houser, A., & Molinaro, K. (ND). A formal method for assessing the impact of task-based erroneous human behavior on system safety. Under review in the Reliability Engineering and System Safety. 13 pages.
dir Bolton, M. L., Jimenez, N., van Paassen, M. M., & Trujillo, M. (2013). Formally verifying human-automation interaction with specification properties generated from task analytic models. In Proceedings of the Sixth IAASS Conference.
dir Bolton, M. L., Jimenez, N., van Paassen, M. M., & Trujillo, M. (2013). Automatically generating specification properties from task models for the formal verification of human-automation interaction. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems.
dir Bolton, M. L. & Bass, E. J. (2013). Generating erroneous human behavior from strategic knowledge in task models and evaluating its impact on system safety with model checking. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems.
dir Bolton and Bass. EOFM Book Chapter
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